Current Litters

We have no available puppies at this time; our next breeding will not take place until Spring 2023.


If it has been 6+ months since you have completed a puppy application please complete a new one by clicking on Submitting a puppy application  ALL puppies will be on a mandatory spay or neuter contract once they reach the minimum age of 16 months of age to allow them to mature fully. 

Our pups are born and raised in our home. Not a garage, shed, barn or other "away place". Pups are handled and cared for daily and raised in a CLEAN environment.   They are groomed weekly, are very used to being handled and introduced to all kinds of new things so by the time they are 8 weeks old, are very well socialized and ready for new adventures with their awaiting families.  We acclimate them to crate training early on. They are exposed to children, our other pets and different people as well.

Our puppies are available to pre-screened/approved NON breeding homes that are looking for a life-long companion who wants a Labrador to become a member of their immediate family. We do not place puppies with just ANYONE. We are very sincere and devoted to giving our pups 110 percent from the day they are born. We want to make sure that when the day comes for our puppies to leave that WE have made the RIGHT CHOICE in choosing a new "forever family" for them. New owners will be required to sign an agreement of sale detailing spay/neuter, health care and take back policy which allows us to get first right of refusal if something should happen and you cannot keep the Labrador we have placed with you.


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