We do REQUIRE that you have your bitch progesterone tested  so we have a baseline to work with if we are shipping semen. Our stud contract does NOT guarantee a pregancy will result. Due to all of the unscrupulous dilute breeders trying to get into conformation pedigrees, we will now require all bitches wanting to use our studs to be tested and those test results sent to us PRIOR to semen shipping .... The only results we will accept is DD (dilute free) unless we know you personally and your pedigrees. Tests can be order for D Lotus through DDC. We do NOT support dilute dogs or support dilute breeders in any way. 

Please contact me at tammy@everoaklabs.com for pricing and the stud contract to be sent to you. A $400.00 stud fee deposit is required up front, payable by money order or certified bank check. The remaining balance of the stud fee is payable within 10 days from the delivery date and we guarantee 2 or more live pups. 

In the event of less than two live pups at birth, the bitch owner is released from the stud fee balance less the deposit amount and any other fees for collection, shipping, boarding, etc. PROVIDING that the bitch owner furnishes EverOak Labradors with VETERIANRY PROOF that no pregnancy evolved and such proof must be sent to EverOak Labradors no later than one week past the last due date of bitch as recorded below or it will be assumed otherwise that a viable litter has resulted and you will be billed for the balance of the stud fee. IF only one pup is whelped, you must provide us with your completed AKC litter application at which time we will sign and forward to the AKC within 48 hours of receipt. At no time will we process an online litter app for less than 2 pups. A repeat breeding within 2 years may be offered if agreed upon by all parties if full stud fees were paid up front.


Chilled Semen:

The stud fee deposit will cover Fresh Extended A.I. and will consist of one semen shipment that will cover two inseminations up to 48 hours apart, depending upon YOUR request.

Additional shipping charges and cost for shipping supplies will apply if you want additional semen shipped to you. There will also be an additional $65 charge for additional collection of the stud dog. We will utilize overnight service via Fed-X. You must provide us with your Fed-Ex account number or a credit card number to pay for the Fed-Ex overnight charges. 

If a third shipment should be requested due to timing issues, a $65.00 service fee will be charged per each extraction, plus shipping costs and supplies. Extender & box charge $60.00 per extraction/shipment.

We have Chill 5, Chill 10, AndroPro ChillGuard XT and ICSB extenders on hand with shipping containers.


Frozen Semen:

The stud fee deposit will cover up to two extractions, generally 48 hours apart. Our frozen semen is stored at ICSB - Atlanta and is available for domestic and international shipping. If a third shipment should be requested due to timing issues, an additional service fee will be charged per each extraction after the first two.

NOTIFY ME so I can let ICSB-atlanta know early in the bitch's estrous cycle. For example, on the first or second day that you notice a red vaginal discharge from the bitch. This allows me to send ICSB-Atlanta a completed FROZEN SEMEN RELEASE form.

Allow 3 to 4 days for shipment of the frozen semen. Usually, ICSB-Atlanta can ship sooner than this, however, allow a safe margin of time for the shipment to be handled. It is very difficult, or may be impossible, to ship with just one or two days' notice before the bitch needs to be bred, or on a holiday weekend. For shipments requested with less than 24 hour notice, an additional handling, “STAT” fee is charged. (Normally, a minimum 24 hour period of time is required to charge the shipping tank prior to retrieval of the frozen semen and transfer to the shipping tank.)

I must have the name, address, and telephone number of the shipment destination. Specify how many vials of semen you wish to be shipped. (One vial = One insemination). In most cases, 1 or 2 vials are shipped. The bitch owner pays for the shipping and return of the tank. The person responsible for the charges should complete a “Credit Card Authorization Form” and return it to ICSB-Atlanta in advance of the shipment date. The form can be found at www.icsbatlanta.net/

ICSB-Atlanta will arrange for the shipping of the dog's frozen semen. If ICSB-Atlanta does not have a trained inseminator close to the bitch, then ICSB can provide detailed written instructions and telephone assistance. The retrieval and thawing of the frozen semen involves just a few steps and is not difficult.

Shipping charges, tank rental and return are ultimately the responsibility of the bitch owner. At this time, ICSB will ship the semen one of two ways: Federal Express or United Parcel Service. For domestic shipping, there is a standard shipping preparation charge (for 1 to 4 vials) of $65.00, a shipping documentation charge of $50.00, plus a tank rental charge of $75.00 for the first 7 days, beginning the day the tank leaves our facility. On the 8th day, a daily tank rental fee of $15.00 is charged until the tank is returned, or until the cost of the tank is reached. It is necessary for the bitch owner or veterinarian at the bitch's location to return the shipping tank as quickly as possible to avoid additional rental charges. The actual shipping costs for UPS or FedEx, including return of the empty shipping tank usually range between $175 to $300, depending on which carrier is used, and if the shipment is a rush order. For standard shipping fees, we should be notified three (3) working days prior to shipment.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Fed Ex Overnight Fee.

Overnight Fees: I prefer to have your fed-x account number so the fees will be applied to your fed-x account. If not, I will need a credit card number to bill the fed-x overnight charges to. Also, FYI, you can create a FREE fed-x account number online if you do not already have one by clicking here www.fedex.com/us/oadr/index.html. Overnight express Fed-x fees for shipping usually cost between $40.00 and $70.00 per collection shipment, depending on your zip code. Fed-x has a rate calculator to use and my boxes ready to ship weigh 5 pounds. To calculate charges, please visit FedEx at www.fedex.com/ratetools/RateToolsMain.do

A refund of $15 will be credited to your account balance if you return the original puppy pak shipping box, styroform insert and both ice packs to me within 10 days of the last insemination.
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