What If Something Happened to You - Where Would You Dogs Be??

We all need to take care of our dogs by preparing incase a situation happens to us. Any one of us could not come home from that trip to the grocery store. Below is a list to be considered.
  • Write all food information on a large white board where it is obvious to anyone who may be coming in cold to care for your dogs. Write each dogs name, how much food they eat, the name of the food.
  • Make sure where you keep your food it is clear what food is what. Meaning, if you dump it in a dog food container, mark it with the name of the food which is in it.
  • On the white board, write down any medications each dog gets and when. Also put the date you normally give heartworm. Make sure the medications are easy to find and all pertinent info – dosage, time of day and the date the dog will be finished taking it. 
  • If your dogs do not all go out together write down which dog goes out with which other dog. Be sure it is clear who CAN’T go together. 
  • In addition to all of that (why you need a large white board) Put the name and the date each bitch was last in heat.
  • Your vet’s name and phone number. If you have more than one vet write what each vet is for. If you have Pet Insurance and all info pertaining to that. 
  • Label the crates/kennels with the dogs name. All of this information above is worthless if that someone who has to step in has no clue which dog is which. You can get plastic plaques engraved with their call name as well as registered name. You could get the kennel card holder which holds 3x5 cards where you write the information on each dog.
  • In with your AKC records, whether you have a will or not, designate someone who is responsible for the dogs should you die. Your spouse could also not be alive, so if you designate your spouse, also put someone in case they are not alive. Make sure you tell them and where to find this list. Then list what you want to happen with each dog. example- you really want a family member to take an older dog, should you co own a dog, it goes back to the other owner, youngsters spay/neutered and sold into pet homes, etc. Worse case, if you are going to rehome your dogs - MAKE CLEAR how you would like them rehomed.
  • Also list what goes with each dog. AKC papers, OFA papers, crate, collar, toys, dishes, dog bed, what ever each dog gets.
  • Make a list of your Labrador "stuff" and what you want to happen to it. example - Lab books go to your Lab Kennel Club, signed print to Labrador Life Line auction.
  • Go to AKC page where you download documents. Download and print Statement of Legal Rights form. Put this with the above list of rehoming.
  • Make sure the following is easy to find on each dog. AKC paper and the micro chip number for that dog (and who it is registered with), along with shot record and clearance certificates. If you have a micro chip reader, write on the white board where to find it.
  • If you have a person that is not living at your house who will be in charge of all this (do this now) make sure to give them a key and a letter from you stating they are in charge of your animals. If you want to be sure it will be recognized by anyone you might want it notarized.
~ One more thing that is VERY important. DON'T FORGET TO UPDATE ALL OF THE ABOVE ~
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