We offer stud service either by shipped fresh chilled or frozen semen domestically in the USA, Canada and worldwide! Stud service is available to approved bitches. Call or email me for info and pricing, and stud service contract.

We can provide pedigrees, health clearances, upon request, and send them to you via fax or email.

Health Clearances and OFA Certifications we do on our stud dogs include:

OFA (only a Good or Excellent rating is accepted) -- elbows and hips

CERF (eyes) cleared annually

Heart Clearance though BOTH Color Echo Doppler and Auscultation by a Canine Cardiologist

Optigen (helps you avoid one form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). PRA refers to a group of diseases that cause the retina of the eye to degenerate slowly over time. The result is declining vision and eventual blindness. “prcd” stands for “progressive rod-cone degeneration” which is the type of PRA known in several breeds, one of which is the labrador)

EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse)

CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy)



Paw Print Pedigrees Breeder Seal click above link to be taken to tested dogs to view reports