We prefer to meet prospective puppy buyers, talk to them and see them interact with the puppies. Therefore, we almost never ship a puppy. There is enough stress in their young lives just leaving home, mom and siblings without spending several hours in a crate on an airplane.

There are, of course, exceptions to every rule and we will review these on a case by case basis - such a a puppy going overseas, etc.  Our clients can always fly in to get their pup. The closest airport is Charlotte International Airport. Most people find they actually SAVE money flying up here themselves, anyway. You can get a discount airline ticket for less than it costs to ship a pup anywhere in the US. If you reserve 14-21 days in advance you can save greatly…AND its less stressful on the pup, and you…AND you can ride with the pup right under your seat in the cabin in one of those mesh dog bags. But most importantly, we feel that it is important, when making a 15 year commitment like this, that you meet your dog’s breeder, parents, and know WHERE your pup was raised. Very good idea…. 

Checklist for flying with puppy:

When making reservation, mention you are flying with your pet, 8 week old pup, will have health certificate, weight is under 20 lbs.

Order the airline approved mesh carry bag for pets that fits under the airline seat. Any Petco, PetSmart, etc. should carry this type of bag. Get one large enough to fit a 10-15 lb puppy. They can assist you in choosing the correct bag!

Carry with you: baby wipes, a few towels, age appropiate puppy toys, bottled spring water.

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