UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE will our males be available to any bitch who's pedigree is associated with Silver, Charcoal or Champagne colors or breeders that breed these colors as they do NOT meet breed standard and are NOT recognized by any Labrador registry around the world.

ALL girls will be required to be dilute free verified through testing with a DD result or AKC DNA Profile results before semen will be sent unless I personally know you or your pedigrees. NO exceptions. We take great care in protecting our bloodlines.

Please contact me via email for the stud packet to be sent to you. The packet will contain the following:

~ Stud Contract
~ AKC Pedigree
~ All Health Clearances

NO COLLECTIONS WILL BE SENT until signed contract, all required health clearances, etc. along with either Stud Service Fee or Full Stud Fee plus cost of puppy packs, extenders, etc. are paid. A valid FedEx number is also required to bill the cost of shipping overnight to the bitch owner or veterinarian


- Stud Service Fee ~  Stud Service Fee of $500.00 plus cost of each puppy pak(s) and extenders for two inseminations ($80 per puppy pack) and overnight shipping costs, then the full remaining stud balance of $1500.00 due is to be sent to me once 2+ babies reach 10 days of age. No refunds or credit for stud fee service. If only one live pup or no litter results, then remaining stud fee balance will be waived. There is no refunds on stud fee deposit or free repeat breeding offered with this option.

- Full Stud Fee Paid In Full Up Front before first collection sent ~ FULL STUD FEE OF $2000.00 plus cost of each puppy pack(s) and extenders for two inseminations ($80 per puppy pack) and all overnight shipping costs. If no pregnancy results, or less than 2 live puppies at 10 days of age, you will have one year to exercise repeat breeding to the same female at no costs except for puppy pack(s), extenders and shipping.

No Litters will be signed off with AKC until all accounts are paid in full. *NOTICE:  Any stud fee balance past due after 10 days post whelp of 2+ live puppies will be charged a late fee of $50.00 PER WEEK unless YOU have made other arrangements with us IN ADVANCE!!!  We stop what WE are doing to make sure your bitch is covered on time, sometimes having to jump through hoops at dog shows, last minute, etc. You have 9 weeks to plan to pay the balance of the stud fee when you have a viable litter.

IF "some people" don't stop taking advantage of Stud Owners, then you will likely see ALL stud owners switch back to the old polices of the full stud fee due BEFORE breeding. 


A copy of AKC registration, pedigree and all required health clearances, which must include current eye CERF and final OFA Hips and Elbows Certifications; EIC, PRA, CNM clearances are preferred along with Color Doppler Echo on Hearts. Brucellosis test required for any bitch that will be visiting us. 

In an effort to prevent the spread of the dilute gene and to also prevent less than reputable breeders from acquiring stud service if we are unfamiliar with her pedigree, we may also require your bitch to be tested for the presence of the "d" gene or require a copy of AKC DNA Profile.

For fresh or frozen semen; bitch owner shall be responsible for shipping/extender or tank charges (for frozen).

Bitch must be progesterone tested, with one result being under 5 ng/ml and at least one being between 5-10 ng/ml to ensure she has not stalled and ovulation has been reached.

Paw Print Pedigrees Breeder Seal click above link to be taken to tested dogs to view reports