Kuranda Dog Beds - Simply the BEST!!  Give your puppy, adult dog or older dog orthopedic support and off-the-floor comfort of Kuranda's patented chew proof dog beds.

To learn more - please visit Kuranda by clicking any of the links below. For every bed purchased using the links below through my website, 5% does go to the Warrior Canine Connection. Many styles, different fabric types and colors, etc. available for every size dog; from puppy to your senior and Customer Service is FANTASTIC.


Why Choose Kuranda Beds for your Kennel?

Kuranda Beds combine soft, off the floor comfort with a chew proof design proven to stand up to daily kennel use. Available in a tough, co-extruded PVC frame or their MOST durable option, the all-aluminum frame.

What is Unique about Kuranda Beds?

Kuranda Beds have a design that does not allow a dog to get a direct bite on the fabric. They guarantee their beds will stand up to anything in your kennel for 1 year and they often have customers calling for replacement parts on beds that are seven years old or older!

Kuranda Beds are easy to clean – they can be hosed down/power washed daily and they wipe dry immediately.

Replacement parts are available – you’ll never need to buy a whole new bed to replace an older model! Most importantly, DOGS love them! They eliminate elbow calluses and relieve stress on joints!

Kuranda Dog Beds

Kuranda Dog Beds
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