Don't think dilute breeders are a big deal? Think it's someone else's problem?? Think they are only here or there??? Well here ya go...maybe this will convince you different seeing on those red dots....this is just in the USA and now they have made it across the pond too.

We must be their voice, our Labrador Retrievers...our show dogs, our hunt dogs, our rally, obedience, agility dogs....our BEST friend dogs.....Labradors only come in THREE COLORS;  Black, Yellow and Chocolate...not silver, charcoal, champagne, white, pink, green, blue or white chocolate (the "newest" color advertised).

NO breed club in the WORLD recognizes any color other than breed standard of Black, Yellow and Chocolate.  LOVE your Labs, LOVE our Breed! BREED STANDARD is the only acceptable way to do this.

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