BBEeDD (Black that carries Yellow, Dilute Free)

This sweet girl came from a dear friend in Colorado, Christy Green of Hicntry Labradors. We have great hopes for this little lady. She is doing well in the show ring and currently has 11 points. Miley has now completed all of her health clearances so we will be looking for a mate for her soon. Mile's father Myles was one of my absolute favorite boys from my friend Teresa Gordy-Brown of Ashland Labradors in TN.

Health Clearances

OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, Heart Normal AO/Cong, Ausc/Echo, Eyes Cleared Annually

Genetic testing Results -  please click on the PawPrints image below

dog_seal.043408b9053c.png (763×670)

Due to all the controversy on silver and other diluted colors, we at EverOak Labradors both color coat and test for the "d" (dilute) gene. All of our Labradors we are PROUD  to say are 100% dilute free!!



                                                                     Miley October 2020, 27 Months Old        


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